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Root Canals

OK. So having a root canal is not high on your list of fun things to do. But the day that tooth with the diseased nerve causes you more discomfort than you care to bear, there’s hope. When you visit our state-of-the-art offices in Marietta, you will find the atmosphere friendly, our accommodations comfortable and our technical services exceptional.

Dr. Michael Binns at Root Canal Place has performed more than 10,000 root canal procedures in the metro Atlanta area and Northwest Georgia. We look forward to bringing you the best care possible.

Root canal procedure

Frequently asked questions about root canals

Often people ask if I can explain a root canal in plain English? Sure! Pretend this pen in the pocket is like a tooth in the mouth. The pen has a bad ink cartridge and will start leaking and cause a stain in the pocket, or for a tooth disease and infection will seep out into the jawbone. The choice becomes either to take the pen out and throw it away or clean out the bad cartridge so I can keep it. I can’t remove the pen from my pocket to fix it, but if I make a hole in the top I will find the pen “canal” that holds the “diseased” cartridge. Then I can clean out the “diseased” cartridge, ink remnants, wash and dry the canal and then put in a new cartridge to seal the clean canal space. Now we can use the pen for many years to come. I hope this helps explain what a root canal is in plain English. Please call or visit and allow us to serve you!

We will insure you are profoundly numb prior to any treatment. If at anytime you experience discomfort let us know so we can make things right. We have comfortable seating and offer dark glasses, mouth prop and soothing headphone music to help you pass the time. For many people with young children and demanding jobs this visit to our office becomes a “time out” where they can retreat from being on call and in demand. Some even doze off!

Teeth that are infected or have curvy roots are likely to require more than one appointment but, with our clinical experience and our dedication to your appointment time we are able to complete the vast majority of root canals in less than 2 hours. When you are here you have my undivided attention and it is rare for me to leave your side once treatment begins. This allows us to get your treatment completed without interruption and take full advantage of your scheduled time.

We have been using the Compudent (Wand) system the past 12 years with great success. The Wand allows me to administer anesthetic as slowly as one drop at a time which greatly increases patient comfort and reduces the possibility of side effects such as racing heart and anxiety which can be related to a fast injection.

After treatment most people manage discomfort with medicines like Tylenol, advil or nothing at all and have a normal workday. Our goal is make your root canal as much a non event in your day as possible. Other pain medicines and antibiotics may be prescribed as needed. You will have my personal cell phone number to reach me if you have questions or problems after hours!