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Root Canal Place of Marietta

Our Practice

Root Canal Place, is a general dental practice in Marietta, GA that provides root canal therapy exclusively. Our mission is to meet or exceed the standard of endodontic care in all aspects of patient care through a commitment to continued training, advanced technology, and a genuine concern for patient welfare.

We have performed more than 10,000 root canal procedures in the metro Atlanta area and Northwest Georgia.

We provide root canal treatment for patients based in metro Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Marietta, and surrounding areas of northwest Georgia. We strive to improve the quality of all office operations through courteous service, training and technology.

Our Technology

Our clinical procedures and technology are constantly reviewed and upgraded to provide advanced services and positive outcomes. Recent technology and procedural advances include:
Kodak 9000

The Kodak 9000 takes a 3D x-ray (CBCT scan) allowing enhanced diagnosis of difficult cases for better clinical outcomes. It is a highly useful tool for viewing hidden canals and other anatomic anomalies, and for assessing re-infected root canals prior to retreatment.

Surgical Operating Microscope

The surgical operating microscope and surgical loupes allow the doctor to see hidden canals, cracks and internal leakage on existing restorations that impact case evaluation and treatment outcome.

Ultrasonic instrumentation

Ultrasonic instrumentation, advanced metallurgical instrument design and superior lighting with magnification greatly enhances detection and mechanical and chemical cleansing of canal spaces that might otherwise be missed.

Advanced irrigation technology with Endovac delivers a continuous flow of fluids in the canals through a negative pressure irrigation system to cleanse the entire canal system.

We are always evaluating technological advancements and incorporating them into our practice when we believe that doing so will help us provide a higher level of care than previously possible and help us save more teeth for more of our patients. We look forward to serving you well!

About Dr. Binns

Michael J. Binns, DDS

Dentistry is a family tradition for Dr. Binns who joined the dental profession as did his father, brother and great uncle. Originally from Columbus, GA, Dr. Binns is a graduate of the Emory University School of Dentistry, a member of both the American and Georgia Dental Associations as well as the Northwestern District Dental Society. During his career, he has performed more than 10,000 root canal procedures. Dr. Binns has been practicing in Marietta, GA since 1999.


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